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Often times orbs of light will take on characteristics that are much different than what most are used to. Sometimes they can appear as spiritual entities and ghost like apparitions with ectoplasmic like characteristics. I am a full believer that with a strong enough connection these beings could fully manifest if you wanted them to. I believe some of these beings are aliens because I initially stated to see them when I was observing UFO's. I have videos of security cam footage of UFO's on my page as well.

The orbs tend to take many colors shapes and sizes. I have seen blue orbs, red orbs, orange orbs, violet orbs, purple orbs, green orbs and the list keeps going on. You can distinguish and orb from dust by the characteristics of its flight pattern. If an orb moves from one side of the room to the other at a fast speed in a direct line, you can be sure it is an orb. Also if an orb is visible from the other end of the room you can be sure it is an orb and not dust. A camera does not pick up dust from 20 feet away.

You will also notice that orbs will come out of solid objects and move extremely fast and often times make sharp maneuvers to let you know that they are indeed orbs and not some other phenomenon. Like plasma type UFO's , orb's will disguise themselves among natural phenomenon to go unnoticed and to be able to not cause alarm. They do this on purpose and for a very specific reason and that is to separate the wheat from the chaff.
There have been other instances like I mentioned before where the orbs have made physical contact. They do this in a variety of ways by touching parts of my body and flying right through me.

Often times I will lose things and then they will show up in different places. They try not to scare me and have not really overstepped any boundaries which is good. They like to play with my tablecloth. I have tried to get them to move other objects but I am really freaked out when this happens so I am not sure they will do it, but as I become more comfortable I am sure there will be much more to see.

Often times you will see the orbs in groups of 3 and a lot of times in two. They will tend to follow one another around. In this video you will see clear examples of that a long with interesting maneuvers that they perform to let the observer know that this is a paranormal phenomenon.


Initially before I started observing orbs in my home I observed them as UFO's. It was back in 2012 when I had my first UFO sighting. Over time I felt as if I was some sort of beacon to witnessing UFO sightings. They would happen whenever I intended them to basically. I could just about look up any time and see something that was out of the ordinary.

The first sighting I had was of red fireball type UFO sightings. They would sometimes appear in groups and sometimes not. Other times they would be white lights in the sky that would sit in one spot, appear and disappear and accelerate at high speeds. They would communicate with each other through brilliant flashes and do amazing things that absolutely distinguished them from conventional aircraft or any other type of aerial phenomenon. It was very easy to tell that these lights were intelligently controlled. What they were exactly was unknown to me at the time.

In the following video you will see my very first UFO sighting. In the video after that you will see how some orbs in my home act very similar to UFO's in the way that they appear and disappear . In the second video you can see one appearing in my living room floor then disappearing twice. It looks like a spark so pay close attention and replay the video if need be. Then you will see it accelerate and take off through the kitchen on a constant trajectory. This is reminiscent to many UFO sightings I had experienced prior, just on a smaller scale.

Strange lights would often appear outside of my home. When I initially started up my security camera it was pointed outside over top of the apartment complex that I live in. I figured if I was seeing them everywhere I went they should be easy to spot if I put up a camera to run all night and sure enough they were. I would see all kinds of things on camera that were not explainable. Lights fading in and out. Bright streaks and rapid flashes. Groups of lights appearing and disappearing and the list goes on. On my channel you can see them all in my earlier videos.

Some of the raw footage I recorded of these orb type UFO's I captured just outside of city limits where I live. A friend of my mine had indicated that it was a hot spot for sightings as he had witnessed things there in the past. I was taken out there many times and had many different experiences. Mostly white light orb UFO sightings but they would also appear in groups and shine lights on the ground on occasion. It was not long after witnessing these objects that I realized they were very interested in me.

I would go out there on hunches and see them come down to the ground. They would descend as green and other different colored lights. They would blink and descend down to the ground. That's when I knew they really wanted me attention. Soon they would appear around me as balls of lights and would shoot off as streaks of light. It was shortly after that, that I made the ORB connection in my home and the rest is history.


Below I have included some close up views of some of the orbs of light that we observed in the field around the city where I live.

There is definitely something odd about them and I even captured a few with different faces in them and different colors.

These are definitely spirit orbs in video. Whether alien or not, they are definitely spiritual in nature.


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